Pub Closures – can it be avoided?

According to recent press reports there are some 15 pub closures each week.  We have assisted a number business and avoided pub closures. We have assisted: small chains of pubs and clubs individual freehold pubs pubs owned by the breweries which are run by a tenant (tenanted pubs or tied pubs). The main reasons for […]

I have received a Winding Up Petition – what can I do?

If you have received a winding up petition, then first of all don’t panic.  BUT do contact us without delay as your options are reducing day by day. What is a winding up petition? A winding up petition is issued normally as a last resort by your creditor(s) to collect a debt from you if […]

Liquidation, how long does it take and why?

We are often asked at RPG Business Recovery – how long does a Liquidation take? We have broken this question into two: How long does it take to place a Company into Liquidation (Creditors Voluntary Liquidation)? How long does it take for a Liquidation (Creditors Voluntary Liquidation) to come to an end? How long does […]

To Liquidate or not to Liquidate

To Liquidate does not always have to be the only option. RPG Business Recovery have advised a number of businesses recently that believed that to Liquidate (Liquidation) was the only option available to them.  Following an initial meeting with RPG Business Recovery, which is always free of charge, confidential and without any obligation, we identified […]

RPG Business Recovery proposed a Company Voluntary Arrangement and helped save over 3,500 jobs

A Company Voluntary Arrangement proposed by RPG Business Recovery helped save over 3,500 jobs. RPG Business Recovery were invited by the Board of a £40 million turnover recruitment business to provide them advice on the Administration procedure. The business had a debt due to HMRC of over £3.5 million and has over 3,500 employees.  Following a […]

70 year ban for directors of a failed law firm

Seven former members of a 200-year-old solicitor’s firm have been banned from acting as company directors for fraudulent trading for a collective total of 70 years.  This shows the importance of directors needing to take urgent insolvency advice from a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner when the business starts to underperform.  In this case, it appears that […]

RPG Business Recovery welcomes Peter Connor to the team

RPG Business Recovery are delighted to welcome Peter Connor to the team who has joined us as a Business Development Consultant and his focus will be working with fellow professionals and assisting their clients that are in financial distress. Peter has over 15 years’ experience working with two leading firms of Insolvency Practitioner firms. After […]

RPG Business Recovery welcomes Julie Webster to the team

RPG Business Recovery welcomes Julie Webster to the team following the recent retirement of Keith Robson who initially joined RPG Business Recovery in 1970.  Julie Webster who is a qualified insolvency practitioner has joined the team as a Senior Manager. Julie brings a wealth of experience including working at BDO, RBS and The Cooperative Bank […]

RPG Merges London Office

The partners of Crouch Chapman, Chartered Accountants, are pleased to announce that their firm has merged with the London Office of Royce Peeling Green (RPG), Chartered Accountants to form RPG Crouch Chapman LLP. The firm and all partners and staff will operate from the current offices of Crouch Chapman at 62 Wilson Street, London EC2A […]